Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters

We produce both interior and exterior shutters of solid wood. We offer Pine as softwood and Meranti or Oak as hardwood. Our shutters can be fixed at both open and closed positions and can be produced with both fixed and adjustable louvers, the latter pivoting for optimal sunlight control.

Wing shutters can be produced with multiple hinges and panels reflecting different architectural styles.

Sliding Shutters

Fenex sliding shutters are custom-made for each specific project and serve as horizontal moving facade elements to control sunlight. Our shutters are designed for a long and hassle-free service life. We use state-of-the-art hardware to guarantee smooth movement of shutters.

As with all Fenex products, surface finish is specially made in house for long lasting beauty of natural wood.

Folding Shutters

Fenex folding shutters allow you to enjoy full functionality without any problems for many years. Multiple wings fold inwards or outwards to provide maximum sunlight when needed.

Shutters are made of solid wood like all other Fenex products. Sophisticated hardware is used for exceptionally long service time.

For your folding shutters, we combine FENEX’s design with natural materials to offer you all the wood and color options you want.