Aluminum-clad window
Window with an aluminum covered wood construction.
Awning window
A sash hinged at the top.
Balance spring
Device for balancing the load of a sliding sash used in sash windows. This provides positioning of sash at any vertical position.
Bay window
Windows that project out the wall towards the exterior space.
Window sash which is hinged at sides to swing open.
The decorative moulding around a window or door, which serves to close the space between the window frame or jamb and the wall.
Divided Lights
The partitions on the glazing of a window.
French window
Two casement sashes which are hinged on the sides to open in the middle. The sashes may extend to the floor and serves as a balcony door.
The glass used in a window or door.
Glazing bead
The removable wooden element that fixes glass.
Glazing channel
The groove in a sash to hold glass.
Horizontal slider
A window which slides horizontally.
Insulation glass
Double or more glazing with an enclosed, humidity free and sealed space between the glass panels.
The vertical member at the side windows.
The vertical window element between two window units.
Pivot windows
Windows which the sash opens by rotating around an axis towards the sash center.
Horizontal sash member.
The part of a window which opens.
Sash window
A window with two vertically sliding sashes.
Horizontal window element at the bottom most of the frame.
Tempered glass
Specially treated, high-strength safety glass providing shattering into safer, small particles
Top hung-in window
An awning window hinged at the top with the bottom swinging-in.
Horizontal window element separating two windows, one above the other.